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Why to Choose?

" One of the Leading Software Testing Providers offers you guaranteed testing services for Odoo users and IT companies "

Traditional Testing Method

  • Odoo Qa As Your Testing PartnerPerforms testing within predefined criteria and limitations
  • Functional experts carry out feature-specific testing practices
  • At times, testing scenarios are overlooked that may create issues or bugs in the later use

OdooQA as Your Testing Partner

  • Conduct thorough testing of the software module or project
  • Consider all the possible testing parameters
  • Performs third-party out-of-the-box testing
  • Find out possible defects or bugs present in the module
  • Includes manual and automation testing for seamless software performance

OdooQA - Our Approach

You will get thoroughly tested software modules under controlled conditions and a list of defects/bugs of the Module
We perform Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing along with some Out-of-the-Box testing features.

Our Testing Service is Divided in 3 Phases

Phase 1

Understanding The Overall Design And Flow Of The Entire Project

  • Installation Errors
  • Input/Output Validation
  • Data Constraints (e.g. date field)
  • Information Clarity
  • Calculation Errors
  • ID Bugs and others

Phase 2

Testing Entire Module As Per Designed Test Case Along With Entire Functional Specifications.

  • Working in Related Fields
  • Domain Strategy
  • On-change Fields in Modules
  • Functional Logic
  • Data Input Validity
  • Report Generation and others

Phase 3

Final Testing Phase Where Actual Testing Takes Place With User Roles And Access Rights.

  • Workflow States
  • Role-wise Requirements
  • Security Rules
  • Printing Reports and Output
  • Mail Notifications
  • Results of Regression Testing and others

OdooQA - Report Generation

You will get a list of deliverables according to the testing services you choose it includes

Detailed Test Plan 

Test Cases Document 

Relational Traceability

Code Improvement Suggestions

Bug List of your Odoo App

We offer 1 free retest round for
any of the testing services

Manual and Automated 

reports in XML, PDF and Excel formats(tabular form and chart representation)

OdooQA - The Workflow

  • User Registers / Login into our ODOO QA system.
  • Provide system credentials.
  • Select package / plan.
  • Proceed with payment.
  • Report generation within 72 hours.

OdooQA - The Significance

ODOO QA is associated with one of the top contributors of ODOO community – Serpent Consulting Services that has 10+ years of experience in OpenSource ERP ODOO platform.
ODOO QA – a sister company of SerpentCS, came into existence with an aim to move their ODOO expertise one step forward that is in the field of testing services.
140+ countries are associated with SerpentCS that is a benchmark in IT field.
ODOO QA in association with SerpentCS offers guaranteed NDA signup and secure source code.

OdooQA - Our Achievements

Not only this, we along with our enthusiastic team are planning to set new benchmarks in OpenERP/ODOO


3rd Rank

(under ODOO) 

Top 10 Placeholder

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