Functional Testing

Experience Flawless System Functionality !

ODOOQA Testing Website aims to

Identify latent defects in web, mobile and enterprise applications of business organizations and enterprises and improve its functionality.

To facilitate optimized testing strategies and focus on delivering robust functional testing services for the organization.

Help business organizations and enterprises in reducing bug fixing costs.

Our Approach

Understand the process and the flow of the application / software / product to be tested
Identify and understand industry / business rules
Test on screens with industry / business rules
Test different modules on different types of screens
Test the workflow of
group of modules
Test the application / software / product according to different scenarios

Variants of Functional Testing

We Ensure to Provide an all-inclusive end-to-end System Functionality With Unbiased Quality Using Different Variants of Testing Techniques that Helps in Identifying Functional Issues.

It includes:

Interface Testing

Evaluates whether systems or components
pass data and control correctly to and fro.

Integration Testing

Individual software modules are
Combined and tested as a group.

Smoke Testing

Known as “Build Verification Testing” to check
Whether software is ready for further testing.

System Testing

The testing conducted on a complete integrated system to evaluate system's compliance with specified requirements.

Regression Testing

Verifies that Software Previously Developed And Tested Still Functions Correctly after It Was Changed Or Interfaced With Other Software.

Acceptance Testing

Final Level of Software Testing Where a System Is Performed to Test Real-world Scenarios for Final Acceptability of The Software.