Security Testing

A Comprehensive Approach For Software Security!

Our Aim

ODOO Testing Website aims to;

  • Ensure data confidentiality by conducting series of Security Testing.
  • Elimination of security bugs and having no loopholes.
  • Briefly stating, our professional team ensures data protection by all means.

Security Testing Approach


Web Application Threat


Modeling/design & Architecture Review


Web Application Source Code Review


Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


Solution Consulting & Support

List Of Potential Security Threats To Be Tested

Generation of unauthorized copies of data or applications.
Man-in-the-middle attack.
Checking if buffer overflow can appropriately handle data strings.
Denial of service. 
Checking unintended side effects while performing its intended functions.
Working of SQL injection that sends data into interpreter as a part of command or query.
Threat on sensitive data by breaking encryption codes.
Performing Internal Penetration Testing to check unauthorized access on user rights, access and privileges.