Installation Testing 

Monitoring Successful Installation and Working Of Software !

Our Aim

Also known as Implementation Testing, the Installation Testing aims at not finding software errors but looking for errors that can occur during the installation process.

It includes:
  • Select a variety of options. Certain options may enable or disable others.
  • Finding and locating files and libraries.
  • Verifying required hardware configurations.
  • Establishing any required Internet/Intranet connectivity.

Our Approach








Pre-requisites for Installation Testing

Some basic pre-requisites that you should be aware of are as follows:
Verify installation pre-requisites of application
Run the installation at the default location. Allow the user to change the default location.
Verify the software installation on multiple platforms.
Prior to installing the application, check if Installer.exe is calculating the disk space needed to successfully install the application.
Check software installation flexibility by users at different places in different conditions.
Verify software installation by disabling administrative privileges.
After successful installation of software, check out its working as mentioned in the specification document & meet user needs
Verify if a user is able to uninstall or repair the software application.
Check for the smooth working of Installer.exe.
Upon un-installation, check for the all previously installed files and registry entries are removed or not.