Mobile Application Testing

Stay a Step Ahead with Innovative Mobile Strategies !

Our Aim

With well-designed and proven methodologies, the OdooQA testing website aims to let you stay updated with the latest mobile trends.
In order to satiate this, we ensure to overcome through.
  • Time-to-market pressures
  • Performance concerns
  • User experience
  • Screen resolution and processing abilities
  • Device and OS fragmentation

Our Approach

Initial Setup

Gathering application requirements.
Understanding application flow.
Building mobile test plan.

Test Case Development

Customizing Mobile Checklist According
To Application, Requirements.
Preparing Test Cases Based on the Checklist
And Type of Testing to Be Conducted.

Test Execution

Execution of Test Cases and Testing its
Responsiveness on Different Mobile Devices.
Preparing Log Report of Defects Into
The Defect Management Tool.
Updating Traceability Matrix.

Test Reporting

Preparing test reports.
Reviewing and publishing test reports.
Publishing test metrics.
Obtaining sign-off on all deliverables.

Building Mobile App Test Plan

Having a great user experience defines success and so we focus on building flawless mobile app test plan. We believe that functionality is not enough to show mobile value; instead mobile app should be. Thus, focusing on building mobile app test plan is necessary.

Our mobile app test plan includes:

Functional Testing

  • Validation of Functionality
  • Smoke / Regression Testing
  • Offline access testing
  • Negative testing

Non-Functional Testing

  • Network Strength / Outage / Recovery
  • Different network types
  • Peripheral testing
  • Services


  • Voice / SMS Interrupts
  • Notifications
  • Battery Cable Removal

Memory Leak

  • Memory Usage
  • Memory Leaks
  • Garbage Collection

Installation Testing

  • New app installs
  • Upgrade Testing
  • Uninstall and Reinstall

Language Testing

  • Validation for Locales
  • Images and text
  • Currencies, Time zone, Tax rates, etc.
  • Context

Performance Testing

  • CPU Usage Testing
  • Network Usage
  • Page render time or
    activity render time

Security Testing

  • OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • Sensitive data (App / Device)
  • Dynamic testing
  • Static code analysis
  • Data encryption

Usability Testing

  • User Experience
  • Competitive analysis
  • Expert review